Cats, Deceased

Bun Bun is the oldest cat at Dogwood Farm Sanctuary. She is 22 and has lived all nine lives to the fullest. Many a veterinarian has given up on Bun Bun and she has pulled through. She lives upstairs in the house and requires privacy when she eats because everyone wants her special diet food. She eats twice a day and gets very crabby if you are late or arrive empty handed. She doesn’t see well, no longer jumps up on things but likes to power walk around the room. She has no fear of walking downstairs and glides through the dog gates because she is super thin, which means we have to remember to shut doors.

Bun Bun eventually expired after using up all 9 lives. She was given up many, many years ago by an owner who was at the vet to euthanize her b/c she would not stop having accidents in the house. In the moment, her owner promised to support the sanctuary for the rest of her life. We stopped seeing his donations after two years and we supported her for an additional 15 years. Thank you to our many supporters who come through for the animals! We appreciate it.