Deceased, Dogs

Pamula the pointer has been with us for 16 years. She was adopted two times and returned. She pretended to not be housebroken and immediately was housebroken, once returned. We think it was a communication error with the new owners but, we generally don’t send dogs out a third time so we let her stay. And that is what she wanted. She loves to run full out and spent many years enjoying just that. Now she is having problems staying on all fours and needs help up and down stairs.

Pamula reached the end of her life when she had trouble getting up and moving around. She lived the last few months at the kennel where she could come and go into the yard without any steps. This helped her stay upright and be able to enjoy the fresh air. In the end, we said goodbye to a dog that had lots of spirit and love for all things on the farm. She stayed there for 17 out of her 18 plus years.