While we are committed to finding our dogs and cats the best possible homes, we want you to put time and effort into this process. After you have visited with the dog or cat and decided to move forward, we will then schedule a visit to your house. It is our intent to determine if the environment is as you have described. We don’t care if your bed is made. This is the time for you to ask questions and discuss routines with us. At that point, we are in the home stretch, so to speak. If you want to proceed and we don’t see any red flags, we will then schedule a time for you to come out and complete the adoption.

At the adoption, we’ll ask for you to fill out adoption paperwork, provide your own identification, bring the adoption fee, and provide a new tag for your dog as well as new neck ware.

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We initially ask that potential adopters fill out a pre-adoption form. This tells us a little about you and what you are looking for. It also tells us what your expectations are and what type of environment you have for the dog or cat. This is to determine if we think there is going to be a good fit. We are pretty good at this, having counseled pet adoptions for more than 20 years. After we read the adoption form, we will email you and let you know next steps. If we think there is a good match, we will arrange to have you visit with the dog or cat, usually at our facility. We do not deliver dogs or cats to homes for trial periods.

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We put most of our adoptable dogs and cats on petfinders but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a dog or cat that might be a better fit for your needs. Once we know what you are looking for, we can then give you a few options of other animals that also might fit your needs. We find many times that people don’t read the descriptions carefully and we spend time explaining how a super shy dog would not be a good fit for a home with five kids under age 5. For that reason, we ask that people interested in adopting to fill out a pre adoption form. That way, we can have a productive discussion about what type of animal you are looking for and who would be a good match for your situation.

Our goal is to find a good fit for you and for the animal. If we don’t feel your home is a good fit or an animal personality, size or needs isn’t a good fit for you, we won’t do the adoption. While we have a lifetime return policy, it is hard on pets to change homes and we try to minimize disruption in that dog or cat’s life. Also, the dog or cat’s safety is our top concern. We carefully evaluate a potential adopter’s commitment to that animal’s safety, including having a secure outside routine.

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We do not adopt out the horses here. By the time horses arrive here at Dogwood Farm, they have had many homes and various owners. Our job here is to stabilize their care and their life. Because our horses live in a herd, we try not to disrupt the herd, adding and then losing in the event of a horses’ death. In addition, these are large animals and could possibly hurt each other if they didn’t get along. We prefer our horses be in one group so that they can spend time out on pasture and not be limited by who they get along with. Right now, we have one group and everyone gets along.

Chickens and ducks are short-lived as it is. Chickens are not easy to mix and match in larger groups. Again, our intake is limited by our options to divide our current group.

Category: Adoptions

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