How can I help?

There are lots of things that you can do to help our animals and help animals everywhere:

Support Dogwood Farm Sanctuary by making a financial gift. You can help us care for the animals that reside here and increase our opportunities to adopt our dogs and cats into permanent homes, which makes a space for another dog or cat.

Adopt your next dog or cat from us or another animal shelter or rescue group. Each adoption DOES make a difference. Don’t say one thing and then do another. Each time you purchase a pet from a breeder that speaks volumes. You can make a difference if you want to make a difference.

Spay or neuter your dog and/or cat. Geld your horse. The world doesn’t need more dogs, cats or horses, no matter the breed. We can’t care the ones who are already here.

Volunteer and spend time grooming, walking and petting our dogs, cats and horses. You can also help us maintain our facilities. Dogwood Farm Sanctuary depends on an all-volunteer staff. (We do offer one internship position with a paid stipend only three times a year.)

Teach your children, nieces and nephews, and friends about tolerance. Step up to the plate when it comes to helping animals and providing lifetime care for your own companion animals.

And lastly, think about helping that stray that you found by providing a permanent home. We can all make a huge difference through small steps in caring.

Category: How can I help?

Some animal rescue organizations take care of animals using foster homes. Other organizations have funding models in place and are able to call on a depth of funding sources and resources on a regular basis to help supplement the distance between costs to care for animals and adoption fees. It is a vast distance. While we have very generous supporters, we have to limit the numbers of animals that we can properly care for while we hold Dogwood Farm Sanctuary to the highest standards for the animals that reside here.

We control our costs by limiting the number of animals we care for – otherwise we would have too many animals and not enough funding. Foster homes occasionally work for us but using foster homes can pose standard of care issues. It can also make adoption management more challenging. While housing costs are not a factor for the organization with fosters, ultimately, foster parents pay costs of damage and wear and tear on their houses and yards.

Category: How can I help?

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