Chick Lit

Chickens, Deceased

Sex: Hen
Breed: not sure

Chick Lit has always been the most personable chicken. She seems to like to be held and doesn’t get nervous with people. Most of the chickens from this group were very antisocial toward people. The other chickens picked on her when there was a large group of hens, so Chick Lit prefers to live alone or with one rooster. She did however learn a nasty habit of pecking your hand and really pinching you when you’d reach in to change her water or add food to her bowl. Perhaps she learned this pecking when the other girls picked on her but we solved it by intimidating her with our hand shaped like a beak (fingers tips pointed together) and making a pecking motion. She would back away and turn her head. No one got hurt. And if you move fast, you can pet her without getting pecked.