Adopted, Cats

Pumpkin and Marco came to Dogwood Farm Sanctuary after being rescued off the streets. They were skinny and scared of people. We figured based on their size and maturity, they were born November 1. After two weeks, they were adopted and then returned after three weeks. They were full of kitten fun and frolic and there wasn’t adequate preparation for kitten antics. However, they spent a good portion of their time in their new home meeting new people. They came back very socialized. They have been here for the past two weeks and they are very charming (and energetic) kittens with a great deal of personality. Pumpkin is quieter and not as confident around people as Marco. However, she is very gentle and eventually makes her way to visit. When she does, her motor is running and she is a purr machine. Neither of them like to be carried too much but they do like to sit on laps and be petted. Marco was so named because he immediately explores his new environment but always keeps an eye out so that Pumpkin is nearby. Pumpkin always wants to know where Marco is. She is the dominant one when it comes to eating and Marco never stands in her way. They are very bonded and should be adopted together. They get along with other cats and dogs. They have no fear of dogs and therefore would not know how to defend themselves if they ever were outside.